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QUIVO | Quivo is a Mediterranean lifestyle concept dining place by Valiram Group

The Journey

It starts off as an idea, and transpires to an act. Unbound by the dreary Hallmark cliché that could be their Valentine’s Day, Quivo dreamt up a love story inspired by its Mediterranean roots. It was not about cupids, hearts, and bows, but about a story that would depict Quivo’s love for the Mediterranean. Ever adventurous, Quivo worked to create a menu to reflect this ‘Mediterranean Love Story’, which would tell the tale of a journey to fall in love with…

Dreaming in Portofino

In Portofino, you have to eat on the harbour, where the seafood is excellent and entertainment comes in a mixture of flattery and anecdote. Portofino is one of the most perfect, most photogenic fishing ports in the Mediterranean. Even the trees are handsome in Portofino. The atmosphere is convivial, ever jovial by the yacht-filled harbour in this perfectly coiffured coastal village.

Lovers in Capri

Luxuriant, and extraordinary. Capri has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty. A Mediterranean island of calcareous origin, it was only natural that the romantic beauty of Capri was to give the cuisine its flavour and not the other way round. In fresh Caprese cuisine, the past and present live together, in proper proportions. To honour a culinary culture that has made simplicity its forte.

A Tuscan Affair

From the Etruscans to the Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany is possibly the greatest repository of art in the world, from extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. The cuisine is also an art in itself. The cuisine delights the palette through a myriad of delectable, locally sourced, and simply prepared Tuscan dishes. The local obsession with food and wine trumps every other regional characteristic, and then some. Gastronomic gems such as Bistecca Alla Fiorentina (chargrilled steak), is one of the region’s signature dish.